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Triqube jar
Triqube jar
0.2usd-0.35usd/set Includes custom bottle and cap color and your logo
Made of the highest-quality premium glass, our 9ml triangle shaped concentrate jar also comes with a child-resistant square cap. It's perfect for any variety of premium concentrates, waxes, or oils.

Finished with their smooth, sleek black child-resistant caps, Qube concentrate jars never fail to impress.

With a simple but sophisticated design, these concentrate jars become an easy choice to feature any logo, improving your brand awareness tenfold. Set yourself apart from the crowd with concentrate jars that truly look the part.

We works hard to manufacture their glass with the highest-quality, food-grade glass on the market. This ensures the utmost in safety and freshness for your concentrate inside.

Each order comes with a quantity of 250 triangle jars and lids, each with a capacity of 9mL.

They're available in a variety of color options for the child-safe cap and jar.
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