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Qube jar
Qube jar

0.2usd-0.35usd/set Includes custom bottle and cap color and your logo
Qube Concentrate jar
The beautiful Qube Square or TriQube Concentrate Jars are designed with premium quality glass. Why square? Why Triangle? The Qube square jar lets you add a label to any of the 6 sides! Some brands prefer to label it on the top of the square lid, while some have labels on the sides. The bottom of the square glass jar provides a great spot to have text for the end-users. All of our Qube concentrate jars are child-safe & include a CR lid! We offer the Qube in either a 5mL or 9mL concentrate container. Qube is also available in a variety of colors. Learn more about the Premium Qube Concentrate Jar
 Qube 5mL    Qube 9 mL
Opaque Black    Clear with White Lid
Opaque White    Opaque White
Clear with Black Lid    Opaque Black
Clear with White Lid    TriQube Jars
TriQube Jars    

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